La collégiale Notre Dame des marais


Beaujolais is not only a vineyard, it is also a land rich in historical memories..

Going through this region you will discover the Beaujolais golden stones, granite farms or adobe, laundries or cross the various architectures, such as original Régnié Durette or Saint Joseph medieval villages or churches, or even the dry stone walls features Beaujolais.

Difficult to talk about without mentioning Beaujolais, especially without visiting its two "capitals" emblematic:  Villefranche sur Saone and Beaujeu.


Villefranche sur Saône including the National Road which crosses from north to south is lined with Renaissance mansions and over. His college, Notre Dame des Marais, located at the bottom of the National Street whose spire is 72 m and an ACTUAL organ pipes Callinet 2300 was classified as a historic monument. But Villefranche sur Saône is also chew, bistros and gourmet restaurants that will delight your taste buds in a warm atmosphere that feels good terroir!

Beaujeu: It is the historic capital of Beaujolais, it was one of the three baronies of the kingdom of France, at a time, between the eleventh and the fifteenth century, when Beaujeu came by marriage into the royal family.

At this time, the Beaujeu controlled one of the main transport routes between South and Paris via the Bourbonnais before the axis of the Saône supplants. The Church of St. Nicolas, was consecrated in 1132 by Pope Innocent II in person. 

L'Eglise Saint Nicolas - Beaujeu

But Beaujolais is not limited to these two "capitals", Beaujolais, it is also characteristic villages like Arnas, Gleizé or Limas, Romanèche Thorins, etc..

The gates of Villefranche sur Saône, enter the authenticity and taste the simple pleasures with the villages of Arnas, Gleizé and Limas.

Arnas and its golden stone buildings, Gleizé and 300 hectares of vines, while Limas hills !

For children and parents, Touroparc Romanèche Thorins allow you to spend a pleasant moment with more than 700 animals in a natural setting of 10 hectares belonging to 140 species of an Indian rhinoceros over 2 tons! You will also find plenty of entertainment for adults and children ... And for athletes, Beaujolais is a beautiful playground of all kinds: walking, cycling, horse ...

The cottage Maryse and Jean Pierre Bertrand is an ideal starting point for sports and fun exploring this beautiful region of France known throughout the whole world thanks to its wine and the annual event: LAUNCH OF "BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU (The Sarmentelles from 20 to 24 November 2014)




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